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Strandbrynsvägen year 105-108 - Family Sunday

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Engla disappeared from the dancing sphere, but came back unharmed. Elmer Tång, Engla's father, died in platinum at age 81. Engla and Hugo were boring platinum elders

Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Hugo Mattsson, 59, Knowledge/Romance, 3rd LTW Head of SCIA
Engla Mattsson, 59, Knowledge/Popularity, 3rd LTW Mad Scientist

Engla is Tessa Ramirez only child, but she has got a half-alien half-sister through her father Elmer Tång, the donkey mascot. Engla and Hugo have one daughter, Lovisa, and one grand-daughter, Alice.

Hugo is a generation 2 Mattsson descendant. His father Loke was a toddler at the start of the challenge. He’s got one sister and one brother alive. His sister Elisabeth recently passed, leaving a devastated widowed Kevin Burlin behind. At her funeral, Kevin and Engla were the center of a scandal…

With the recent events at the Burlin residence, let’s see what today’s family Sunday will bring!

Kevin plays bowling with Engla’s nephew Albin, while her niece Siv plays the guitar. Patric, Hugo’s brother-in-law is monitoring.

Lunch is served, but Siv excuses herself to go somewhere else. You know how youngsters are!

Kevin and Engla have a nice chat, but they both behave today

All in all, it’s a nice family party, without scandals.

It’s a slow round, and Engla speaks to the bird Cheesecake to have some entertainment

Hugo plays the piano, and that’s about it. They are both in platinum for having reached their LTWs, they both have their hobby plaques and full aspiration. The only thing to strive for now is full influence to prepare for another point at the end of their lives.

Inhabitants at Strandbrynsvägen after round 28:
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Mattsson

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