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Svedja year 105-108 - Devastation and Despair

Previously at Svedja, Anna maxed her Gaming enthusiasm. Both Anna and Siri acquired secondary aspirations of Popularity. Siri reached TOC in Gaming and quit working to have her baby Irene. Everybody had great success in their careers.

Svedja year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Allan Törnblad, 74, Knowledge/Family, 3rd LTW 6 grandchildren
Anna Törnblad, 74, Family/Popularity, LTW 6 grandchildren
Oscar Törnblad, 43, Popularity/Knowledge, LTW Hall of Famer
Love Carlsson, 43, Fortune/Romance, 2nd LTW Business Tycoon
Siri Törnblad, 34, Family/Popularity, LTW Golden Anniversay
Adam Wern, 44, Pleasure/Family, LTW Game Designer
Irene Wern, 1
Epsilon, the dog

Anna descends from the Montell branch of the Johansson founder family. She’s got three brothers and two sisters, whereof two are already deceased. Anna met Allan in college and it was love at first sight. Together thay have twins Wilhelm and Oscar and their “baby” Siri.
Wilhelm moved out and got married and have three kids of his own.

Oscar is gay and lives here with his parents and his boyfriend Love (Lou-veh). Love comes from the Mattsson clan through his mother Emilia. He’s got one sister, Berit, who is expecting her first child.

Even if this family is called Törnblad, we feature three different last names. Adam is from the Wern family and therefor Siri (née Törnblad) and their daughter Irene are called Wern. Adam has another daughter, Lisa, with Ulrika Myhr. Lisa lives with her mother.

Family Sunday! Since three families are gathering, there’s a lot of people, even though we are only inviting siblings and non-grown children.

To the left we see Lisa, Adam’s older daughter, Irene’s half-sister. All the other kids and teens are their cousins.

Wilhelm, Anna and Allan’s oldest son is a real fighter, hot-headed and very soon to anger. He’s a pack of dynamite on every party. At home he’s calm as a lamb, though….

The fight involves Louise Wern, Adam’s sister, who is also cousins with Wilhelm’s wife Monica. The Werns are really not a nice bunch, they traditionally have one nice point each…
To the far left we see Kent Wern in a green shirt crying over his father Aron, who is probably doing something inappropriate outside of this disturbing scene.

Oh yes, here’s Aron, being rude to Marie, Wilhelm’s daughter. Kent is still upset in the back of the picture.

Then Kent storms off to be rude to his cousin Lisa. Lovely family, really. The Törnblads are appauled, being the nicest family in Mattsmyra.

To ease the tension, the hosts start cooking en masse. A lot of food is needed to feed all these raging relatives.

It takes some time to gather everybody to celebrate Irene’s birthday

Eventually we manage to grow her up and we find that she’s a true Wern girl, being a mean, pretty active and outgoing Aries.

Anna would love to have 13 grandchildren like Adam’s mother had, or at least six which is her LTW, but unfortunately she’s got only four and she’s really closing in to the end of her life as you can see. Therefor we allow her to make a wish of lifelong happiness from the genie lamp that we usually leave untouched in this hood.

In the end, the family Sunday ends on a quiet note, with Anna having a nice time with her sister Malva

And Love and Oscar slowdancing together

Monday, Siri’s cousin Pontus pops by. He’s the son of Anna’s sister Barbro.

Love gets promoted to Business Tycoon, which was his LTW. 1p since he already reached one TOC before. Now he wishes to become a Prestidigitator, and immediately finds an opening as a Ceremony Master.

Siri teaches Irene to walk

Then Anna’s time has come. She lives the Simiverse on February 18th 106, at an age of 76. She leaves in Platinum thanks to the genie. She leaves behind her husband Allan, son Wilhelm with wife Monica and their three children Robert, Niklas and Marie, her son Oscar with partner Love, her daughter Siri with husband Adam and their daughter Irene, her siter Malva with husband Malcolm, brother Sebastian with partner Rut and brother Martin with wife Sofie.

Allan is devastated and a bit confused, pouring himself a bath in the outdoor dog tub, thinking about Anna. And he cries and he cries. No wonder, they were married for almost 50 years, and a couple even longer than that!

Regardless of the sorrow, life goes on. Love gets promoted to Main Act.

And he finalizes his book which has been nearly finalized for quite som time now. It’s another PI Joe bestseller.

Oscar starts working in the gaming career as a Real Time Strategist, and gets promoted the first day to Guild Leader.

He brings Filip with him home. Filip is also gay, and he is one of Love’s many cousins. Love’s mother Emilia and Filip’s mother Elisabeth were sisters.

Irene becomes best friends first with her father Adam and then with her Morfar Allan.

Then it’s time for another birthday for Irene.

And now when she’s older, she tries to connect a little bit more with her sister Lisa who doesn’t live here.

During the party Irene finds that her preferred hobby is Sports.

Oscar comes home promoted to Game designer. 1p! But why does he look so awkward?

Well, it might be the fact that his father desperately tries to feel better and jumps into bed with Oscar’s mother-in-law Emilia!

All in all, it was a great party, but Irene seems not to be sure what to think about Emilia in the dog tub.

Inhabitants at Svedja after round 28:
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Adam Wern
Siri Wern
Irene Wern
Epsilon, the mini pinscher

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