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Los year 105-108 - Shrinking Family

Previously at Los, Tommy and Berit got married at a huge Family Sunday wedding. Tommy reached his LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon and started a new career in Medicine. Emilia cooked Grilled Cheese. Berit became pregnant. Patric was invisible, even though not literally..

Los year 105-108, Thursday to Sunday
Emilia Carlsson, 74, Grilled Cheese/Family, LTW Eat 200 GC
Patric Carlsson, 74, Knowledge/Family, 3rd LTW Criminal Mastermind
Berit Ottomas, 31, Fortune/Family, LTW Head of SCIA
Tommy Ottomas, 31, Fortune/Family, 2nd LTW Chief of Staff

Emilia is a Grilled Cheese sim and she loves cooking and serving Grilled Cheese, and most of all she loves when someone else is eating them!

Tommy comes home promoted to Resident

While waiting for the baby, Berit spends time by the sewing machine in the hobby room.

There is also where the labour starts

On the 16th of February 106 at 6.44 am, a little girl is born. She gets Popular name no 51 – Livia. She’s got brown eyes and hair like her father, but her mother’s skintone.

Everybody is happy!

Emilia gets promoted to International Sim of Mystery

Berit, who wants to earn some money, finally finds an opening in her desired Intelligence field as a Double Agent.

Tommy becomes a General Practitioner.

Then it’s time for Livia’s birthday. Morfar Patric takes her to the cake in the generally cramped house. It needs to be expanded, it’s just like a cottage!

Here she is, all grown up, revealing she’s an extremely neat and very active Virgo. Sorry about the numbers in the picture. It has something to do with Fraps – I must have pressed some command by mistake and cannot find a way to get rid of it.

Emilia gets promoted to Space Pirate. 1p!

Berit teaches Livia to talk in the now expanded house which leaves some room on the kitchen floor for toddler activities.

And now when Livia knows how to talk she can tell her mother that she wants to hear a story.

And read they do – outside in the cold and dark early March night! Not the best choice I would say.

Emilia is the oldest child of Loke Mattsson, who was a CAS toddler at the start of this challenge. Emilia has got two younger brothers left but already lost her little sister Elisabeth. Emilia and Patric met in college and had two children – Love and Berit.

Tommy is from the well-known Ottomas family. He met Berit in college and they got married and now have their daughter Livia.

Family Sunday!

Emilia cooks Grilled Cheese of course! Then she’s off for work

Patric makes some coffee for the guests

Then he feels a bit tired and goes to lie down a while in the new bedroom on the newly added second floor.

Livia finds that her true hobby is Science.

Patric finds that his life has come to an end when the grim reaper and the hula girls come to get him. He leaves in Platinum on March 16th 108, 78 years old. 1p

Emilia comes home from work with a friend.

She doesn’t even have time to hear about her husband’s demise before the Reaper comes for her too. She leaves in Platinum on March 31st 108, 78 years old. 1p.

The two white marble stones are placed in the back of the garden, and it looks very nice. The toy car shows that this is still a living house and not a cemetary.

And Love and Berit promise each other that they will always be there for each other, now when both their parents are gone.

Inhabitants at Los after round 28:
Berit Ottomas
Tommy Ottomas
Livia Ottomas

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