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Rävkullen year 101-104 - Overdue Baby

Previously at Rävkullen, Stina returned from Uni and started her desired Education career. er college love Gert Nyman moved in and they got married and pregnant. Gert worked in Medicine. Lena and Max were permaplat.

Rävkullen year 105-108, Thursday to Sunday
Max Benett, 70, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese
Lena Benett, 67, Popularity/Knowledge, 2nd LTW 20 Pet best friends
Gert Nyman, 25, Fortune, LTW City Planner
Stina Nyman, 27, Family, LTW Education Minister

Stina is heavily pregnant and reads the Arts&Crafts magazine while waiting for her and Gert’s first baby. Gert tries to find an opening in his desired Architect career, but continues to work in Medicine meanwhile.

Stina stops reading and takes a shower. While in maternal wear she changes her hair so we don’t recognize her. Even her father Max looks suspicious.

The baby should really come any minute and Stina does whatever she can to pass time. She invites Wilhelm Törnblad over for a chat.

Lena and Max invites some friends to celebrate their Golden Anniversary. Think they already did that, but who turns down a chance for a party?

Stina is definitely overdue by Friday lunch. If nothing happens until tonight, we will kick-start the labour!

Gert comes home promoted to Resident at the hospital – meaning no Architect job yet.

At nine pm, we are fed up with the overdue pregnancy and let InTeenimator kickstart the delivery.

And on 13th of February 106, at 21.41 hours, a baby girl is born. She’s got brown eyes, dark skin and black hair like her father (and mother except her eyes are blue). She gets Common name no 85 – Viktoria.

Then the new father tries to make himself useful and fix the computer, but manages to electrocute himself instead. His wife and father-in-law are very worried, but he ends up fine.

Max, who has a better technical knowledge takes it upon himself to fix the computers instead, they were both broken!

And look at that! The charred Gert finds an opening in the Architect career as a Foreman.

He walks around charred a long time that night

Then the strangest random thing happens. Max tells his friends Malva a dirty joke, all by his own doing, and she falls madly in love with him! Never knew that dirty jokes were considered a romantic interaction – just that Family sims usually don’t like that type of jokes even if the sims have a high relationship score.

Max has a complicated story as you might recall. You can read about it on his personal page. (Follow link at the end of this update)
His adopted family consists of his sister/cousin Åsa and his half-siblings Gustav and Elisabet. Max and Lena have daughters Emmy and Stina, who in turn now have one daughter each.

Lena comes from the girliest branch of the Berg tree. Her mother Maria had two sisters, she’s got two sisters herself, two daughters and two grand-daughters. No boys except the married-in-fathers!

Gert comes from a Maxis family that was townisized when the challenge started. Eventually him and his brother Glen has made it into the ranks of the playables, but their younger siblings are still townies.

Stina has a maximized Arts&Crafts interest, but she just started with pottery, before it has been painting mostly.

Family Sunday!

Smustle in the kitchen!

Lena chats with her sister Agnes about illnesses, like old people do.

While the family is there, let’s have a birthday party!

Viktoria grows up to toddler, looking slightly different than toddlers usually do. She’s an extremely neat, playful and nice Capricorn – must be Mattsmyra’s most rare starsign!

And the party, as the update, ends with Viktoria connecting to her townie Faster Gabriella.

Inhabitants at Rävkullen after round 28:
Max Benett
Lena Benett
Stina Nyman
Gert Nyman
Viktoria Nyman

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