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Gondolkanalen 74 year 105-108 - Love Hurts

Previously at Gondolkanalen, Helena gave birth to Isabelle, who grew up to toddler. As a baby she followed her father to work. Malva and Malcolm skilled.

Gondolkanalen 74 year 105-108 Sunday to Wednesday

Malcolm Markövertag, 66, Fortune/Romance, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Malva Markövertag, 62, Fortune/Pleasure, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Helena Markövertag, 31, Pleasure, LTW Game Designer
Jesper Burlin, 29, Pleasure, LTW Celebrity Chef
Isabelle Markövertag, 4

Malva, together with her twin brother Sebastian is the youngest child of founder Inger Johansson. She lost her sisters, but her brothers Martin and Sebastian are still alive and well. Malva and Malcolm have daughters Siv and Helena and grand-daughters Isabelle, Birgitta and Isabella. Can’t believe the randomness that made this happen!

Jesper is a Burlin and therfor he’s got a LOT of sisters and brothers, but Isabelle has only one cousin on her father’s side – Olle’s daughter Birgitta. That is also amazing randomness – Isabelle has two cousins named Birgitta and they in turn both have a grandfather named Kevin. Not the same one!

Family Sunday!

The general first thought is – FRIDA! And she will sure be the revolving point of this Sunday…

The first thing Frida does is to grab Charlie, her live-in-boyfriend Jacob’s brother.

That makes Alva, Charlie’s live-in-girlfriend very upset and she leaves the lot in anger

A couple of hours later, it’s Jesper’s turn when he’s slowdancing with Frida in the tiny bathroom downstairs. Helena is furious and we start to plan to move Jesper out after this round, maybe to move him back in with his father Kevin.

But Frida doesn’t stop there. She really likes the Burlin men and gives Kevin some special treatment in the hot tub. Now it’s Jesper’s turn to be hurt

The plan to move Jesper back to his father’s house is now officially cancelled

So, Jesper does what any fake would do – he pretends to apologize to Helena, but can’t stop thinking about Frida.

She accepts his apology, but she’s not ready to forgive him and doesn’t accept his proposal of a make-up-date

So instead he hits the bar, pretending everything is normal

But really, he’s suffering. Question is from what? From his own bad behaviour or from realizing who Frida, or his father, really are? Or just because he’s got nowhere to go except staying in this house where he lost the love of his daughter’s mother?!

Helena in turn, decides to get even. It’s Theodor, Jesper’s youngest brother who gets in the way. Poor boy, he falls immediately in love with Helena, but she seems to only use him.

Not denying that they both like it though…

After the dramatic Sunday, the house calms down a bit. Jesper teaches Isabelle to walk.

Helena gets promoted to Commander

Siv, Helena’s sister pops by and gets invited inside

Jesper gets promoted to Blockbuster Director

Then it’s Isabelle’s birthday. The heavy eyebrows of the Markövertag family are gone, but she’s got the big yes and prominent cheekbones of Malcolm.

It’s still calm in the house and Sebastian, Malva’s twin invites himself, as he does almost every day.

Isabelle hates school and needs some computer games to get her fun level up.

Spring arrives that same day and Isabelle tries skipping rope, realizing her true hobby is Fitness.

After that her mood is good enough to learn to study from Helena

Helena’s mood seems not to be the best though

She gets promoted to Astronaut, but it doesn’t help. She wants a date, but not with Jesper!

So, she invites Alexander Johansson, who she was naughty with last round. The SimGodess gets the naughty thought that a baby from him would be a generation 5, so it might be worth it….

But as soon as Helena called Alexander for the date she went to bed (to sleep!), and stayed there the whole duration of the date. And since Jesper and Alexander are best friends since forever, it might be as well.

And as a random last note, we give you Malcolm’s filled aspiration panel. 3p!

Inhabitants at Gondolkanalen after round 28:
Malcolm Markövertag
Malva Markövertag
Helena Markövertag
Jesper Burlin
Isabelle Markövertag

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