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Norrbo year 105-108 - So Close

Previously at Norrbo, Åsa lived alone. She asked Gunnar, Frida's father to move in and married him. Frida came back from Uni and started working on her LTW to have 20 simultaneous lovers and on a Music career. Jacob moved in after Uni.

Norrbo year 105-108, Sunday-Wednesday
Åsa Flyckt, 59, Grilled Cheese/Knowledge, LTW Eat 200 GC
Gunnar Flyckt, 58, Family, LTW Captain Hero
Frida Benett, 25, Romance, 2nd LTW 20 lovers
Jacob Burlin, 24, Popularity, LTW Media Magnate

Jacob is furious with Frida for all her escapades. He even fell out of love with her. However, that makes it easier for us to achieve her LTW of 20 lovers.

Jacob has three sisters and seven brothers, whereof Frida has flirted with in principal all of them, except the two who are gay. She also flirted with his father Kevin. This will be a fun Family Sunday!

Åsa has a complicated family. Åsa and Stina have the same father, Daniel. Daniel was married to Stina’s mother and Åsa's mother Maja was his mistress. Åsa’s brother Max is really her cousin, biological son to Daniel’s sister Livia. Maja left Daniel and married Leif Hartwig and had Gustav and Elisabet with him.

Let mayhem begin!

And immediately it does. By some reason, Kevin Burlin hates Sebastian Montell, his daughter Rut’s live-in-boyfriend and recently they have started to get physical as soon as they meet. Which they do quite often since the Burlin family have so many family Sundays…

The SimGodess' greatest worry was that Frida would jeopardize one or more of her loves if she attended the family Sunday. Luckliy she’s working today, so hopefully we can stay at 12 lovers for now.

For Jesper Burlin the day doesn’t start out so great. His little brother Theodor flirts with Jesper’s girlfriend Helena. Actually we saw the start of this affair already in the Markövertag house and Jesper isn’t exactly innocent, but anyway.

By the way, Helena is very cold and should go inside and eat some of Åsa’s delicious Grilled Cheese sandwiches!

Jacob spends some time talking to Frida’s cousin Charlie Johansson

And with his twin broter Charlie Burlin

And with Frida’s other cousin Charlie Montell. Charlie must be one of the most common names in Mattsmyra!

This small house is really not built for so many guests. We have a terrible traffic jam!

Birgitta Burlin, Jacob’s niece, is very upset by something, probably some fighting. Her mother Emmy comforts her (so cute interaction, I rarely see it in my game)

Then Frida arrives home promoted to Studio Musician

The traffic jam is still in full swing

Frida manages to get through to talk to Kevin, Jacob’s father. He’s a three-bolter!

So is Sebastian Montell, but Frida still doesn’t like him. Don’t know what happened between them, but she’s still furious about it

Jacob has too many sisters and brothers to keep up with, but today he’s making an effort to get to know his sister Natalie better.

He’s very attracted to Frida, but also very upset with her.It’s just as well, because now we will make an effort to achieve Frida’s LTW.  But first some sleep

No 13 Robin Bornemo

No 14 Theodor Clarin

No 15 Peter Ottomas

Then a break to study to Mechanical skills for her job

Jacob’s brother Jesper is always here, coming by every day uninvited. At least he makes himself useful. Probably he doesn’t like to be home with his and Helena’s relationship having hit rock bottom.

No 16 Christoffer Nilsson

No 17 Christoffer Montell – usually she doesn’t go this far with her lovers, but Christoffer is really hot!!

In the meantime, Åsa maxes her Music enthusiasm. But since she already has a plaque in Culinary we’ll get no points.

Huh?! What happened here?!

I don’t know this girl Susanne Widell, but apparently Jacob must have booty called her when I was busy with Frida. Well, he could use some loving too I guess.

Then he finally finds a job in his desired Journalism career as a Horoscope Writer.

Frida works from time to time and gets promoted to Concert Pianist

Aron Wern becomes lover no 18

Kevin Burlin is no 19

And when time is up for this update, we’re sooo close to 20 lovers, but Tommy Ottomas leaves the date since he thinks that Frida doesn’t care about him. Don't know where he would get such an idea…?! Anyway – next time, we WILL get there! Then we can work on mending Frida and Jacob’s relationship.

Inhabitants at Norrbo after round 28:
Åsa Flyckt
Gunnar Flyckt
Frida Benett
Jacob Burlin

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