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Järvsö year 105-108 - Party On

Previously at Järvsö, Märta reached her 3rd LTW to become a General. She decided that she would stay single after having considered a steady relationship with one of her lovers. She nearly slept with her infamously mean brother-in-law Aron Wern, but decided not to.

Järvsö year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Märta Sandvall, Popularity/Pleasure, 52, 4th LTW 50 dream dates

Märta is the oldest child of Barbro and David Sandvall. The family originates from the Johansson founder family. Märta have one sister and two brothers and a total of eight nieces and nephews. She has never been interested in marriage herself.

Family Sunday!

That terrible Wern family! Erik is in a fight…

… with his sister Nathalie, who hands him his ass.

A game of darts is played. Pontus’ wife Lovisa has been outside in the cold for too long!

Then there’s a fight between the twins again. Pontus on the left hopes that his girls will not end up like this!

Lunch is served and the parents of the bullies are a bit quiet.

Märta tries to befriend her nephew Nils, but he doesn’t like anything sha tries to talk about.

Not until the topic shifts to the hotness of Kevin Burlin. Hm… don’t know if that’s a good subject to discuss with a 9-year-old.

Then she tries with her niece Hanna, but that doesn’t work out either.

Nor with her niece Alice. Märta is not good with children  I guess, never had any of her own

It works better with Erik who is a teen.

And even better with the adults.

All in all it was a successful family party, even if someone (Annika I think) crashed in Märta’s bed.

Monday morning it’s off to work again with the noisy chopper. Märta works as a general.

When back home, she brings a friend, also in a fancy uniform

Then she grows up very well to elder.

Still looking good!

To stir things up we throw a party with all lovers she can fit into her small house

But the guys are really not jealous of each other and it’s a great party. Märta looks great in her formal dress.

Then she goes shopping, and you can all see why – that bright yellow slinky top really does not suit her.

While at the shop, Märta runs into her uncle Sebastian – for the first time it seems! Is that really possible? We have arranged family Sundays since forever, so it’s really strange if they never met!

The only thing we have left to achieve with Märta is a hobby plaque, so we go for Sports since she has the punching bag in her garden. It’s also her preferred hobby.

She’s practicing day and night, in rain and in sunshine, but no plaque yet.

Now and again she’s relaxing in the hot tub

And of course, throws great parties!

Inhabitants at Järvsö after round 28:
Märta Sandvall

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