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Fallåsen year 105-108 - Rollercoaster

Previously at Fallåsen, Molly started a new career in Education. Thomas was promoted and demoted every other day. We had a family outing to the gaming lot. Anita grew up well to a Family teen. Molly fell back to her lady lovers and Thomas was furious. He nearly slept with Ulrika Myhr, but Johannes snatched her under his nose. (Interesting fact - Johannes, Molly and Thomas are all in love with Ulrika)

Fallåsen year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Molly Ljunggren, 46, Knowledge, 2nd LTW Education Minister
Johannes Ljunggren, 44, Family, LTW Education Minister
Thomas Cormier, 44, Knowledge, LTW Mad Scientist
Anita Cormier, 11, Family, LTW Education Minister
Diva, the dog

Molly and Johannes comes from a custom townie family. Molly married Thomas Cormier, another townie, and they had daughter Anita.

Thomas was also a townie from the beginning but has a whole bunch of half-sibllings, all with different last names. His brother Zeeshan died in a fire in Kerstin Tidholm’s store (another townie made playable, who died earlier his round)

Family Sunday!

Games are played

Games are watched

Family sim Anita takes care of her toddler cousin Hedvig, aunt Hedvig’s daughter. She was mistakenly summoned since I couldn’t tell which one was the adult and which was the toddler. Earlier experience is that toddlers will be abandoned by their parents when they go home, so usually toddlers are not summoned. However, after a couple of hours, Hedvig crawled home herself, so it worked out fine.

Knowledge sim Molly wished for Anita to get grants for college and she applied and was granted the one for good grades.

Molly doesn’t like her sister-in-law

And apparently not her husband either. Elin with her back turned is probably involved, Thomas always had a soft spot for his brother’s wife.

Molly really takes that hard

Johannes maxes his gaming enthusiasm and receives a plaque. 1p!

Anita wishes for a phone and invites her friend Birgit Hartwig for an outing downtown

She buys her phone and some clothes, and the outing is fun.

When returning home we can see that Thomas and Molly have a really bad relationship right now! Even worse than with the opening picture.

Molly is promoted to Elementary and then High School Teacher

Johannes becomes Dean of Students

Molly and Thomas are not nice to each other

But they agree that Diva stinks

Molly tries to mend things, but it doesn’t work so well.

But a long game of chess works to get the relationship up a bit

Thomas is really struggling in his career and is demoted and promoted every other day. Now he’s promoted to Lab Assistant and claims to have had a so-so week. At least his relationship with Molly is up on the plus side.

Poor Johannes has developed a fear to grow old without being married.

So his long term lover Ulrika is invited over on a date. The SimGodess might be prone to let them get married, we’ll see…

And Ulrika actually rolls a fleeting wish to get married to Johannes, but it rolls away quickly. If it comes back next round when we’re playing her, we will probably go for it!

In the meantime, Anita has found out she’s gay, and Birgit is two bolts hot when leaving a palm in a pot as an outing gift.

And we end this update with the news that Molly is promoted to Guest lecturer at the University while Thomas ONCE AGAIN gets demoted to Test Subject due to a bad chance card.

Inhabitants at Fallåsen after round 28:
Johannes Ljunggren
Molly Cormier
Thomas Cormier
Anita Cormier
Diva, the dog

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