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CB Bachelor Pad year 105-108 - Playing in the Snow

Previously at CB_Pad, Annika tried to woohoo her neighbour Sixten, but didn't succeed. She worked on her friendly relationships and had a freeloading Kerstin Tidholm hanging around. She woohooed Christoffer Montell, his father Sebastian and Louise Wern. She even became friends with her ex Simon's wife Maud.

Bardh’s Bachelor Pad year 105-108, Monday to Thursday
Annika Lind, 61, Romance/Knowledge, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef

Annika is a carefree Romancer who will never reach her 2nd LTW of becoming a Celebrity chef, since she didn’t hold a culinary job when she turned elder.

Instead she’s pursuing her wish to woohoo 10 sims. As long as Cristopher Bardh, her longterm lover and grandfather of her child was alive, she didn’t stray so much, but now she’s free to do whatever she wants. When she called Wilhelm Törnblad for a date he was three bolts hot, but now in broad daylight, he’s down to two.

During this date and all to come she gets the wish to fall in love with Simon, Cristopher’s son, the one who is the father of Cecilia, Annika’s daughter. Simon is however happily married to another woman by now and is off limits. Annika has hurt him enough.

The date with Wilhelm doesn’t work out so well and is cut short

When left to her own devices, Annika spends most of her time in the courtyard of her building with her handgame or music player

Or playing in the snow.

Her neighbour Sara Mossberg hates her intensely. It might have something to do with Annika’s interest in Sara’s husband Sixten…

During the quiet night hours, Annika stays in her apartment having a drink

Playing games…

Making more drinks

Playing in the tub…

Then she’s back outside in the snow.

And here’s Sixten. No wonder Sara is so upset!

But what can you do when you’re a Romancer with a three-bolter within reach?

You go for it! Sixten is no 9.

Then Annika is off to the Cooking hobby lot. If you can’t be a professional chef you can at least be an amateur Master Chef!

It takes forever before the judge decides

But eventually, Annika wins. And she finds her co-contestant Patrik Mellberg, the former mailman, two bolts hot.

So the rest of the stay she concentrates on him.

She asks him for a date

They dance together

But she’s too pushy

Amends are in order

And as a last note, they are back to dancing, and Annika is back to wanting to fall in love with Simon.

Inhabitants at CB_Pad after round 28:
Annika Lind
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