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FB Bachelor Pad year 105-108 - Taking care of Business

Previously at FB Bachelor pad, Filip played chess and Ludvig worked out. Filip reached his LTW of becoming a Game designer and started looking for a culinary job. They spent time with the neighbours, including their sister Natalie.

FB Bachelor Pad year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Filip Burlin, 36, Pleasure, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef
Ludvig Burlin, 33, Fortune, LTW 5 sucessful businesses
Dino, the cat

Firstly, chance gives Filip a secondary aspiration of Popularity. It suits him, he likes to have people around.

He works as a Game designer but would like to start a Culinary career, but no such jobs available.

Filip and Ludvig are from the Burlin family, but they originate from the Mattsson clan. Their oldest sister Rut is named Mattsson since she was born in Uni, before their parents were married.
The family consists of their father Kevin (mother Elisabeth passed away), 8 brothers, three sisters and two nieces.

Family Sunday! There are not many children, but a lot of food for drama!

And it starts immediately! Frida in the back in a red T-shirt smacks her lips on Jacob. Kevin gets very upset that Frida cheats on him with his own son. And at the same time, Sebastian, Rut’s partner is picking a fight with Kevin.

From the other end of the room we see Jacob’s twin Charlie being very upset too. Frida is entertaining nearly all the Burlin men in turn, but when they’re together it gets a bit awkward.

The next moment, Kevin confronts Frida while poor Jacob, who lives in the same house as Frida, helplessly falls in love with her once more

And then it’s Charlie’s turn to tell Frida his mind

Young Isabelle gets a crash course in romance by her relatives and discusses the latest developments with her uncle Ludvig.

The drama continues. The girl in orange is Helena Markövertag. She too has started flirting with the different Burlin men. It all started with her partner Jesper, Isabelle’s father, cheating on her with Frida. Helena got even by using both Jesper’s brother Theodor (in the green polo shirt) and their father Kevin. Linnea is very upset with Helena for messing up her brothers’ and father’s life.

Then the fighting starts. It’s Kevin and Sebastian. They are the same mature age and should really be old enough to stand above such barbarism.

They win every other time.

At 11 am (!) the family Sunday is finally over, since Filip goes to bed and Ludvig heads off to work. Imagine what could have happened had they stayed the whole day!

Still no Culinary jobs

Brother Jesper decided to hang around even when his brothers were not available, so he’s still here. He doesn’t like it at home anymore since him and Helena fell out. In the evening Jesper and Filip become best friends. If there was room in the apartment maybe Jesper could have moved in with his brothers. These two are the only ones who will not try to take his women away. Might consider a move next round…

Ludvig gets promoted to Courier and then Bookmaker, and with the money the brothers now have he decides to go for his dream of five successful businesses.

He buys a small grocery store. Who doesn’t need groceries?!

He doesn’t look at all happy, but he is when he meets new people

And with the loyalty stars the store reaches level 3 the first session.

Back home, Jesper is still, or again here, moping over Frida who ruined his life.

Filip finally finds a job in the culinary career, as a sous chef

He gets promoted to Executive Chef on his first shift

Back at the store we reach level 4

Then, since spring is coming, Ludvig goes shopping for new clothes for himself and Filip

The style is appropriately gay and Ludvig’s store reaches level 5 and 6 in a short amount of time. He also gets a good review and a best-of-the-best award before it’s time to leave for this time.

Inhabitants at FB Pad after round 28:
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Dino, the cat

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