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Storfallet year 105-108 - Conceiving generation 5

Previously at Storfallet, Alexander and Saga studied. They lost their baby that would have been our first generation 5. They both lost their jobs.

Storfallet year 105-108 Sunday-Wednesday
Saga Rodiek, 33, Fortune
Alexander Johansson, 29, Pleasure

Saga is from the Myhr family, even though her birth name was Rodiek. She’s got two brothers, three sisters, four nieces and one nephew.

Alexander is from the original Mattsson family, but on his great-grandmother’s side he’s also from the Myhr family, which means that him and Saga are actually second cousins. His sister Maja just graduated from Uni, so no nieces or nephews for Alexander yet.

Saga got her job as Whale Tracker back. She lost it due to bad performance last time, right after her miscarriage.

The couple has gotten over that loss and tries to get a date in before the family arrives for family Sunday

Everybody loves Caroline, Alexander’s mother

Alexander reconnects with his little sister

Lunch is served

It’s a very communicative family and the discussions continue way into the night

Alexander too lost his job last time, but cannot find a new one. Instead he gets stalked by Saga’s family

And he becomes best friends with his sister-in-law Svea’s husband Bertil, who is also his second cousin.

Still no jobs

So instead he starts some plantations in the greenhouse

And he cooks up some fish not to forget his culinary skills

Every day he looks for a job, but no success

So weeding ensues

And building of snowmen

And meetings with friends and family. Cecilia is Alexander’s cousin, and Simon is his uncle. And where is Saga in all this?

She’s popping! Generation 5 is on the go again!

The hopeless house is rebuilt a bit and Alexander continues to maintain his cooking skills

Saga wishes for mechanical skill points and a maxed out mechanical hobby interest, so we risk letting her fix the broken computer.

Then the couple relaxes a bit on the bed, passing time until the baby is due. Unfortunately it will have to wait until next time, because now we’re done!

Inhabitants at Storfallet after round 28:
Saga Johansson
Alexander Johansson

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