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Bäckby year 105-108 - Single Business Tycoon

Previously at Bäckby, Sebastian filled his aspiration panel. Rut was demoted and promoted and maxed her Arts&Crafts hobby enthusiasm. She also acquired a secondary aspiration of Knowledge and got a gold badge in sewing.

Bäckby year 105-108, Saturday to Tuesday
Sebastian Montell, 66, Romance/Pleasure, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 sims
Rut Mattsson, 45, Fortune/Knowledge, 2nd LTW Business Tycoon

Sebastian has been outside too long and tries to warm himself up by playing the drums.

Rut loves sewing and has maxed her arts&crafts enthusiasm by sewing stuff.

When Sebastian thaws up he starts a party. He loves parties, but his niece Helena doesn’t like shat he has to say about toys.

Rut barbecues some hot dogs to the party people

But then they end up eating sandwiches instead.

It’s a great party!

Rut now has the ability to sew custom clothes, a feature that we never tried before

Looking good, even if it’s a bit early in the season to wear such a dress

Sebastian admires it too.

Sebastian is part of the Montell clan. He’s got one sister and one brother still alive, one son and two grandsons.

Rut is part of the extensive Burlin family even if her name is Mattsson. She was born before her parents were married. She’s got two sisters, eight (!) brothers and two nieces.

Family Sunday! Hedvig, Christoffer’s wife is appreciated.

Jacob and Alva do not appreciate each other.

Rut sets the kitchen on fire, which means it will delay the inevitable fighting at a Burlin Sunday

Isabelle cheats when playing chess with her Farfar Kevin.

The fighting begins! It’s Jacob and Alva, the ones we saw arguing in the first picture.

Birgitta plays chess with her uncle Jesper. He’s a cheater not only in love affairs but also in chess playing!

Oops! Sebastian dies – only 67 years old! Rut inherits a community lot we didn’t even know that he owned. The date is the 12th of March 105 and Sebastian is in Platinum – 1p!

The strange thing is that Rut has no memory of Sebastian dying, only of the money she inherits. Wonder if it has to do with them not being married?

The upside of that is that her mood is not affected for long. She rounds off the family Sunday with a plate of salmon together with her youngest brother Theodor

Monday Rut is promoted to President and brings home a basket of groceries to her big empty house.

That makes her able to fill her aspiration panel – 3p!

Then we realize that she reached her IW a long time ago by earning 100.000§. 3p!

Tuesday Rut gets headhunted to another company and gets a huge bonus and a promotion to Business Tycoon at age 50. 1p! Her new, third LTW is to become Hand of Poseidon.

To ease the loneliness, Rut invites over some company pretty often. Her father Kevin is here a lot.

She has lunch with Sebastian’s twin Malva and her friend Anita Hartwig

And she reconnects with her old friend Elisabet Montell, who is married to Sebastian’s nephew Marcus. And there her round as a recent widow is over,

Inhabitants at Bäckby after round 28:
Rut Mattsson

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