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NB Apartment year 105-108 - Mrs Vestlund

Previously at NB Apartment, Natalie worked in her Lawyer career and whe entertained herself with her room mate Steve.

Natalie Burlin’s apartment year 105-108, Saturday to Tuesday
Natalie Burlin, 30, Fortune, LTW City Planner

Natalie lives in the same apartment building as her brothers Filip and Ludvig and on Saturday she visits them.

We start to recognize the Burlin tree by now

And we start to anticipate trouble when Frida Benett is the center of attention.

However, the first quarrel is between Alva and Charlie. I can only imagine what their relationship will be like when we return to their house next round!

Even Natalie’s room mate/boyfriend Steve is marvelled by Frida. We said a while a go that we would rename him Stefan, but it’s not possible to do with a room mate when using the tombstone of life & death, so his name is still Steve.

The antipathy has spread also between the brothers. Olle and Theodor are not friends.

Luckily, Natalie is off to work at 8.30, so since it's cut short, there will not be any fighting this family Sunday.

By 4 pm she’s back, promoted to Personal Injury Lawyer. She also brings home her cousin Lovisa Sandvall as company.

They play a game of Don’t wake the llama with the neighbour Sixten Mossberg.

And then Natalie practises her charisma skill in order to be able to be promoted once more.

Before the night is over, also Sara Mossberg shows up.

The strangest thing happened. Natalie wished for new clothes, and could really use it since it’s winter time and she wears shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. However, when reaching Amelia’s it’s closed!

So Natalie and Steve heads off to the Papaya republic instead.

They combine the shopping with a date

The date is continued at home, and all of a sudden Natalie wishes to get married to Steve!

Go for it then!

It’s a dream date and the engagement date is the 7th of December 107

Steve moves in with 15.000§. 1p! He’s a Popularity Leo with an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. HE now works as an Intern in the Medical career. He turns on from redheads in formal wear and turns off from underwear.

Steve is instantly renamed Stefan, as intended, and his hair is changed to blond to suit Natalie’s turn-ons. He doesn’t like it. Natalie also changes her hair to red to suit his turn-ons. They remain at two bolts though.

The day of the wedding arrives and starts with Natalie being promoted to Family Law Attorney.

Everybody is here!

Everybody is happy!

On the 10th of January 108, Miss Natalie Burlin becomes Mrs Stefan Vestlund

Nice party with wellwishes from all

Only a little fighting among the brothers while the cake is served.

It’s a great party!

Back from the honeymoon, Stefan expresses a wish to have a baby, but we’ll see about that, this couple is only generation 3!

Inhabitants at NB Apartment after round 28:
Natalie (Burlin) Vestlund
Stefan (Steve) Vestlund

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