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JJ Apartment year 106-108 - Unfair Career

This is a new lot, previously Jörgen and Linnea were in Uni. Jörgen graduated SCL in Biology and Linnea MCL in History. They got engaged.

Year 106-108, Monday to Wednesday
Jörgen Johansson, 25, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister
Linnea Burlin, 25, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren

The rounds are so long now in Mattsmyra, that we already forgot that Elisabeth, Linnea’s mother, died this round. The game remembered though and Linnea gets an inheritance.

The welcome wagon consists of two of Linnea’s brothers. She’s very upset with them because of their involvement with women.

At least she’s starting to forgive Jacob and they have a pretty good time.

Linnea loves to dance and has a maxed out enthusiasm for that hobby.

In her inventory, together with the plaque for Music&Dance, we also found two photo frames with Linnea and Jacob on one and Linnea and Jacob’s twin Charlie on the other. Those two are the brothers that are closest to her in age.

Jörgen tries to find a job in the Education career but has no luck.

Here’s one reason why Linnea is upset with her brothers – Helena Markövertag!

Jörgen’s mother Vera comes over for a visit.

Today there are education jobs available. Linnea accepts one as a substitute teacher

Jörgen gets one as a High School Principal. That’s a bit unfair, j68 believes, he doesn’t have much more skills than Linnea.

Linnea gets a fast promotion though, to Elementary School Teacher.

Both Jörgen and Linnea wish for a puppy, so a puppy it is

It’s a white little boy of a small breed, and he gets the name Sebbe.

Linnea performs a private concert

Jörgen works on his skills

And we end this start-up update for Linnea and Jörgen with promotions. Jörgen becomes a University Professor and Linnea a High School Teacher.

Inhabitants at JJ Apartment after round 28:
Jörgen Johansson
Linnea Burlin
Sebbe, the puppy

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