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IL_Apartment year 107-108 - Unfulfilled LTW

This is a new lot. Previously Ingela and Matilda were in Uni and somewhat reluctantly fell in love with each other. Ingela graduated SCL in Drama and Matilda had SCL in Art. Before they left Uni they got engaged on the 1st of September 106.

Year 107-108, Monday-Tuesday
Ingela Lind, 25. Knowledge, LTW World class Ballet Dancer
Matilda Rodiek, 25, Grilled cheese, LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese

Ingela is from the small Lind founder family, even though she’s related to the Berg founder family too, on her mother’s side. Her parents are both alive and she’s got twin brother Alf.

Matilda originates from the Myhr founder family, but the name Rodiek was introduced by her father Kevin. She’s got two brothers and three sisters who are all married due to Kevin’s LTW. Matilda’s twin Moa is married to Ingela’s twin Alf! Matilda also has one nephew and four nieces.

Family Sunday – and a wedding!

Wedding! The date is August 31st 107. Matilda and Ingela are now Mrs Lind and Mrs Lind

However, j68 starts to suspect that this wedding does not count as a wedding, since no one has changed into formal wear, and mostly because we don’t see any green numbers above Kevin’s head.

Regardless, the party continues with servings of Grilled Cheese and drinks

And it ends a rooflifter!

Checking in with Kevin reveals that our suspicions were correct. Kevin does not recognize a registered partnership as a marriage. You conservative old fart!

Now, what to do? Would it work to let someone of the straight kids divorce and remarry…? Might be willing to try it with Vidar and Jenny, but that will not be known until next round in a RL year or so J

After the wedding trip Ingela and Matilda combines a date with shopping some new clothes.

They also take drop-in appointments with the stylist in the mall

The results are varying, at best

Back home, everyday life commences. Ingela does some workout and accepts a job as a Flamenco master, while Matilda cooks grilled Cheese. And thereby this update, and the whole of round 28 is finalized!!

Inhabitants at IL Apartment after round 28:
Ingela Lind
Matilda (Rodiek) Lind

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