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Uni - Year 109-110

Yes, it's true - Mattsmyra is back for season 29. We now have the Ultimate Collection of Sims 2, but the readers won't notice any differences.

Greek House year 109

Roland Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Senior, SCL
Theodor Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Senior, SCL

The two Burlin brothers have fallen out a bit lately and works in solitude in different parts of the very empty Greek House

It has been so long so we cannot remember why, so Theodor is sent to apologize.

Apology accepted.

Apparently we have a butler named Victor

And a hungry parrot called Marie Curie II

When Roland is back from class he makes sure the parrot is taken care of

Theodor has a girlfriend named Vanessa

And Roland has one named Cecilia

Parties are had

Theodor isn’t fond of their sister Linnea

Just one semester to go and the boys still have the highest grades

The brothers are friends again

And we’re passing time in different manners

Finally the uni period is over. Roland and Theodor graduate SCL, 1p each! We will wait with the parties though, because we need to bring the new kids here first.

The dorms, year 109

Axel Montell, Pleasure, freshman Undeclared
Erik Wern, Romance, freshman Undeclared
Nathalie Wern, Family, freshman Undeclared

The Wern twins just arrived and grows up into clothes they are allowed to keep

They are obviously not good friends. What’s wrong with the sims of this generation??

Erik wants to become a Masterchef and chooses an Art major

Nathalie wants to become Captain Hero and chooses a Biology major.

The Greek House tryouts start immediately

Erik is accepted first

Axel does not declare any major, since he wants 50 dream dates. We’ll see if he will show any desire for a particular subject later on.

Next out for tryouts is Nathalie. Roland finds her boring

But in the end she’s accepted.

Nathalie is a family sim and invites her young brother and sister Hanna and Nils over to visit.

Axel applies for the GH as well. He’s already got a good relationship with Theodor, but a lousy one with Roland!

Again, it has been so long so we have forgot why they are in a negative relationship, but Axel apologizes and gets accepted.

Nathalie and Axel have found that they enjoy each other’s company

But Nathalie and Erik’s relationship is still strained.

There is a one-bolt attraction between Nathalie and Axel, and even though they have more bolts with other people, this match is suitable and j68 will pursue it.

Erik is mean to Nathalie all the time, but she’s not having it and walks away from him

In the end he apologizes to her and they are friends again

And the friendship between Nathalie and Axel grows as well, until it’s not only a friendship anymore

The first semester ends with all the kids having the highest grades

It’s a calm semester which they all finalize SCL and then they are off to Helsinge Nation! (3p for getting all of them into the GH)

The Greek house year 110

Roland Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Graduate, SCL
Theodor Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Graduate, SCL
Axel Montell, Pleasure, Undeclared sophomore
Erik Wern, Romance, Art sophomore
Nathalie Wern, Family, Biology sophomore

Upon arrival to the Greek house, Nathalie and Axel takes their relationship to the next level

Roland arranges his graduation party and invites his two love interests. Maybe we can create some drama.

He jumps straight into bed with Cecilia, but the other girl is nowhere to be seen so no drama ensues

He even takes his graduation photo with his brother, so he might not be so much into Cecilia anyway

Theodor starts his graduation party as soon as Roland has left.

He plays some bowling on his own until his girlfriend Vanessa shows up

He also takes his graduation photo with her

After the parties we have a heavy thunderstorm and the giant fir tree in the yard catches on fire

There is no fire alarm outdoors, so the fire rages for hours and the three inhabitant are panicking

Finally, with joint efforts, they can put it out and nobody gets hurt.

The calm is restored. Nathalie and Axel work and play alone and together.

Erik is not satisfied with his life and organizes a toga party

When he takes townie Isabelle Eriksson to his bed, they have zero bolts, but after he kisses her they are up to two bolts.

Now he wants to have two loves and he’s got one bolt for our beloved Rut Mattsson, so why not…? Her lifelong love Sebastian is dead, so she’s single.

Not that a romancer like Erik would care though, but our readers might J

The mascot is cheering them on

But when he wants to take her to bed, she leaves (or it was because the party was over)

If this was sims 4, Axel would get the juice quirk. He’s constantly making and drinking drinks.

The butler sets the kitchen on fire and the poor parrot freaks out and screams and loses her feathers. Indoors we have a fire alarm and the fire department are soon there.

Term papers are written

Video games are played

The garden is taken care of

Instruments are played

A new parrot is bought

And some workout is done

Then the sophomore year is done. All three have SCL grades and Axel is enrolled in Philosophy since he wouldn’t wish for something else. And by that we will return to the main hood

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