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Mattsgården year 109-112 - Uncertain Progress

Previously at Mattsgården (three RL years ago) we had Vidar ask Jenny to marry him during family Sunday. Jenny was fighting the best man and met her new relatives. Agnes was not fond of her sister-in-law Elisabeth who came by every day. Kent learned his toddler skills and grew up to a child.

Mattsgården year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday

Georg Mattsson, 67, Knowledge/Romance, 3rd LTW Game Designer

Agnes Mattsson, 65, Romance/Fortune, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 different sims

Jenny Mattsson, 37, Popularity/Grilled Cheese, LTW General

Vidar Rodiek, 37, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer

Kent Mattsson, 7

Fi, the dog

Kent is out in the ice cold blue winter’s night a studies the stars.

Vidar just had a close encounter with his wife and now he’s working on his creativity skill

Jenny plays the pinball machine

It’s a calm but terribly cold winter this year

Jenny gets demoted from a bad chance card

And she’s too busy telling her friends about it to ackonowledge her only son’s school achievements.

But when she’s off the phone she celebrates.

Kent: “Mamma, I already told you this!”

When Pappa arrives home, Kent greets him properly

And he’s also allowed to help with the homework

Jenny eats an off hamburger and gets food poisoning.

Or maybe she doesn’t. We have about one game crash every three sim hours on this lot. In the end we don’t know what really happened and what did not.

Probably Jenny became an astronaut again

Maybe she fixed the piano and the tub

Maybe Vidar and Kent played chess and Vidar maxed his Logic skill

We definitely bought solar cells on Vidar’s initiative

We definitely had a Saturday outing to Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka

Father and son and Mormor and grandson have a great time in the early spring that really looks like winter (like it is in Sweden most of the time)

Georg is a real Viking and doesn’t even wear a sweater.

When darkness falls, both witches and ghosts come out.

Back home Agnes washes Fi and Kent plays the piano.

It’s time for family Sunday, but we really doubt that it will be possible to do. Regardless, we give you the family trees. Georg is the youngest grandson of Dan Mattsson, one of our founders. He’s got his brother Hugo still alive, but both their sisters are dead. (Sorry about the fonts, it has been too long to remember even a thing like what font to use)

Agnes is from the Berg family. Both her sisters, Lena and Sofie, are still alive. Jenny has no brothers or sisters.

Vidar is a Rodiek and descends from the Myhr family. Both his parents and all his brothers and sisters are alive. Only Oscar has children of his own. It’s a young family.

After a couple of failed attempts to summon the family, we instead let Georg invite his brother Hugo with wife Engla in the traditional way.

Vidar’s parents Kevin and Agnes are also invited, together with Kent’s cousin Isabella who’s a child like him.

It’s slimmed down, but it is still a nice family Sunday.

And we end this update with Kent getting a skill point while playing chess with Farfar Kevin.

Mattsgården after round 29:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Vidar Rodiek
Jenny (Mattsson) Rodiek
Kent Mattsson
Fi, the dog

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