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Myren year 109-112 - Hottub Scandals

Previously, we had a nice Family Sunday. Everybody worked hard and Lisa got grants from Uni and was accepted in private school on the second try, since the first one glitched out.

Myren year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday

Ulrika Myhr, 43, Knowledge/Popularity, 2nd LTW Chief of Staff

Alva Myhr, 29, Popularity, LTW Mayor

Charlie Burlin, 27, Popularity, LTW Media Magnate

Lisa Myhr, 16, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer

The Myhr family is a studious bunch

Ulrika maxes her cooking skill and has reached the Knowledge IW. 3p!

Alva and Charlie are engaged, but they have a falling out presently. This one we actually remember – it was Frida Benett, the notorious romancer, who lives with Charlie’s twin Jacob. She flirted with Charlie (and everybody else) and Alva saw it.

Lisa brought Gabriella Nyman with her from school, but Gabriella doesn’t like knitting it seems.

Lisa heads off to her part time job when Moster Alva comes home promoted to State Assembly Person

Charlie becomes a Horoscope writer

Ulrika comes home promoted to Chief of Staff at the hospital and gets 1p for TOC. She already reached her LTW before.

Now she wants to be a Space Pirate and accepts a job as a Hostage Negotiator

Ulrika climbs fast and becomes an International sim of Mystery

She celebrates by inviting Charlie (!) to a hottub cuddle

And more!! Luckily Alva is at work!

Then Charlie tries to be friends with Anton Pitts who looks like himself.

Saturday is outing day and the family goes to the mall.

Lisa greets all the teen boys there. Melker is cutest.

They play pool together and hang out.

Charlie and Alva are reunited.

Back home Lisa talks to her little sister Irene, who lives with their father and Irene’s mother, his new wife, at another lot.

Alva and Charlie are dating, and the date ends just as Ulrika comes home from wotk

She is promoted to Space Pirate and has reached the top of that career, but there will be no points since already has two TOC points. Allan Törnblad comes home with Ulrika

Alva plays chess with him while Charlie makes out with Ulrika. There is a wall in between even if it cannot be seen.

It’s time for Lisa to move to uni. She’s got grants for her grades, for dance, for body and for young entrepreneur.

It’s her dad Adam who drives her there. It is nice to see that they have such a good relationship even though him and Ulrika have been divorced for many years.

At home we’re waiting for a disaster to happen.

But nothing happens apart from Alva getting a gamer plaque. 1p!

Family Sunday! Ulrika and Alva are part of the Myhr family. Only Lisa lives elsewhere.

Charlie has a vast family, but his brothers and sisters do not have so many children.

Now let’s challenge our 10 RL year old savefile!

It starts off innocently enough

But soon we have a fight. It’s Emmy, who is married to Charlie’s brother Olle.

And Helena, who lives with Charlie’s brother Jesper

Emmy wins

The gaming activities continue. The two cousins Birgitta and Isabella hasve matching outfits. And we realize we mixed up Filip and Ludvig in the family tree. Filip has the white shirt and Ludvig the black (in the picture above, behind Emmy)

Rut, Natalie and Roland blow some bubbles

Hey! Another scandal in the making! Helena lives with Jesper, remember, but now she’s in the tub with Theodor. We actually saw this already in his uni round…

And here’s the next scandal! Lisa, who just left for college, starts a relationship with Kevin Burlin, widower and father of 11, and a grandfather! However, love is blind and they are both singles, but Charlie doesn’t seem too happy about it.

And we end this round with Alva, who gets a secondary aspiration of Knowledge. The family Sunday DID crash quite a few times, but we managed to get through it. There’s hope for Mattsmyra!

Myren after round 29:
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr
Charlie Burlin


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