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Roteberg year 109-112 - Reduced Household

Previously, Wilhelm reached his third LTW to become the Education Minister. Marie was accepted in private school. Patrik got a Culinary plaque. Monica climbed the ladder of the architecture career. Before this update, the sons Niklas and Robert moved back from Uni and Robert brought his fiancée Maja Johansson to be his wife.

Roteberg year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday

Patrik Mellberg, 81, Popularity/Grilled Cheese, 3rd LTW 5 successful businesses

Monica Berg, 49, Family/Fortune, LTW 6 grandchildren

Wilhelm Törnblad, 47, Pleasure/Family, 4th LTW 50 first dates

Robert Berg, 23, Knowledge, LTW Hand of Poseidon

Niklas Berg, 23, Popularity, LTW 5 successful businesses

Marie Törnblad, 17, Fortune, LTW Chief of Staff

Kompis, the cat

Robert and Maja are back from Uni and are eager to start off their lives together. They are engaged and will be married this episode

Niklas is back too and wants to start working, but since his LTW is to own 5 successful businesses, he will not have a regular job.

Patrik is still going strong, even though Monica and Wilhelm will soon be elders.

Maja and Robert don’t find their desired jobs right away, but there’s no rush, the family have enough money anyway

Time for the wedding party! Maja’s parents are of course invited. Her brother and sister-in-law are invited separately, we don’t dare big parties anymore!

They could have chosen more matching outfits, but never mind!

And on the 14th of February 109 Robert and Maja become Mr and Mrs Berg

They can hardly wait to start their family, but the house is full, so they’ll have to!

Have some cake instead!

After the party, Marie applied for her uni grants. It’s not time to go quite yet though.

Niklas buys his first business

He immediatedly goes there and starts to run it.

He employs Malin who’s got some talent.

He works on his sales skill

He employs Julia

And he continues to sell

He employs Carola, but then he sends his staff home

Which means he needs to run the till himself

At home, Monica receives a plaque for games. 1p!

Then it’s time for the cat, Kompis, to leave

Everybody is really sad

But there’s room in the house!

Friday night, Marie goes shopping and hanging out with her friend Eva.

Patrik is fixing stuff

For some strange reason, Marie and Niklas are not friends, so it’s hard to keep them apart.

On Saturday the whole family goes to the minimall with Niklas.

His employee Malin storms off, quitting. We realize that she was probably underpaid, and we hurry to make sure that the other two are slightly overpaid so they will be happy for a while.

Awkward silence at closing time…

And a confrontation at home. Their mother is clueless of what to do with her young adult children

Maybe a boy her own age can distract her?

Well, only for so long! To Niklas’ defence, he’s not fighting back!

Plop! Monica is an elder!

And her father is at life’s end!

Maja, unfortunately not pregnant yet, gets a secondary aspiration of Pleasure.

Marie gets her uni grants for Hygiene and Dance. Unfortunately her grades dropped on Friday so she lost that grant.

But before she can leave, her grandfather needs to go.

On the 20th of March 111 Patrik Mellberg, 84 years old, leaves this earth in platinum. 1p!

He leaves behind his daughter Monica, 51, with husband Wilhelm, 49 and their three children Robert, 25, with wife Maja, 25, Niklas, 25 and Marie, 18 and his daughter Lena, 47, with husband Gustav, 47 and their two children Birgit, 19, and Liam, 14.

Marie is off to Uni. She moves into the same dorm as Lisa Myhr. We’ll come back to them later this round.

Monica is from the Berg family and lives at the original homestead. She’s got one sister, three children, one niece and one nephew.

Wilhelm comes from the original Johansson family, but his name is Törnblad thanks to his father Allan, who is still alive. Wilhelm has three children, one brother, one sister and one niece.

Maja is a combined Johansson/Mattsson girl, akthough her Farfar was named Bardh. Both her parents are alive and her brother Alexander with wife Saga are expecting a baby this round. So, Maja and Wilhelm are actually related, second cousins, since their grandmothers were sisters. (So techically she's related to Robert as well)

Maja is still not expecting even though there’s plenty of room in the house. She lands a job in her LTW career though, as a SWAT team leader.

Family Sunday is arranged through phone invites. It works so-so, crashes quite frequently, but we manage to get through eventually. And Niklas and Marie have started to mend their relationship – maybe it benefitted from her moving out of the house.

And we end this update with the very pregnant Saga, Maja’s sister-in-law, discussing family parties. Her husband Alexander doesn’t look amused at all.

Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 29:
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Niklas Berg
Robert Berg
Maja (Johansson) Berg


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