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Letsbo year 109-112 - Removing Mods

Previously, David concentrated on his hobbies and Gerd on her animals and finally reached her LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens. Alf moved back home with his fiancée Moa and they got married.

Letsbo year 109-112, Monday to Thursday
David Lind, 59, Popularity/Fortune, 3rd LTW 20 Pet best friends
Gerd Lind, 58, Family/Romance, 2nd LTW Marry off 6 kids
Alf Lind, 25, Fortune, LTW Prestidigitator
Moa Lind, 25, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Tetra, the cat
Ursus, the dog

Alf is generation 4 and therefor we would very much like that him and Moa would have a baby, but they seem to struggle just as Maja and Robert did in the last house.

The family is close and often interact with each other autonomously.

Moa gets promoted to Allstar and Alf to Master of Ceremony

The whole family loves to take a bath in the outdoor tub.

Moa and Alf continue to try for a baby without success. We start to suspect that the ACR or InTeen mods are broken

Gerd takes care of the two animals she’s got left.

David takes some time to talk to Agnes, Moa’s mother

And the whole family talks a lot on the phone to maintain their friendships.

David’s father Georg is out

Moa is not pleased, and not pregnant

But not from lack of trying

Saga, Moa’s pregnant sister comes by. We have started to suspect that she’s a trigger to the game crashers. This house has not crashed for the days we have played, despite other visitors, but yes, here we had a big crash again.

J68 decided to not invoite Saga again and to remove all mods, and what do you know, first try Moa is pregnant, and we didn't have another crash.

Letsbo after round 29:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Moa Lind
Ursus, the dog
Tetra, the cat

Tags: letsbo, sims 2

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