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Lottefors year 109-112 - Close-knit Family

I found a ready-played Mattsmyra family in my archives, so please enjoy this rare, but eventless update:

Last time at Lottefors, Charlie grew up to a Popularity teen and Elias to a child. All the boys spent time with friends. Elisabet started a career as an Artist. The big boys bought cellphones. Axel moved to Uni.

Lottefors year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday
Marcus Montell, 50, Knowledge/Pleasure, 2nd LTW Game designer
Elisabet Montell, 50, Family/Knowledge, 6 grandchildren
Charlie Montell, 15
Elias Montell, 6
Jambo, the collie

The brothers Charlie and Elias are very close and play a game of chess together.

Elisabet invites Malva, Marcus’ aunt in from the cold. She really needs to thaw up!

Spring is coming though, and Elisabet helps Elias with his homework on the lawn.

Marcus comes home from work in a limousine and gets a welcome hug from Elias

Time for dinner with friends

Elias invites his second cousin Isabelle after school

Elisabet gets promoted to Acclaimed Muralist

And on Saturday it’s time for a family outing. Jambo is invited too.

Everybody is enjoying the spring day in their own fashion. Elias plays with Jambo and Elisabet and Marcus have a date. It is not appreciated by random bypasser Erik Ljunggren, though. Maybe he thinks it’s not appropriate among children to have a date.

Charlie plays chess with his cousin Birgit

Back home, the gaming weekend continues with some poker.

That night, it’s time for Marcus and Elisabet to grow up well to elders. You could consider wearing clothes in the garden, Elisabet!

Family Sunday – We’ll give you the family trees. Elisabet is a Hartwig, descending from Mattsson, and has one brother, Gustav, one half-sister/cousin, Åsa, and one adopted brother, Max, who is really her cousin as well. Her father Leif is still alive and remarried. His new wife Anita is not in this picture.

Marcus is a Montell, descending from Johansson. He’s got two sisters, My and Sara. Nothing complicated in this family tree :)

Axel is invited over, together with his girlfriend (and second cousin) Nathalie Wern. We don’t dare inviting anyone else due to the risk of crashing.

Elisabet is pleased to get to know Nathalie. They are not related at all, oddly enough

Elias plays a game of chess with his big big brother Axel, and then the update is over.

Lottefors after round 29:

Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Charlie Montell
Elias Montell
Jambo, the collie
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