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Färila year 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)


“Ugh! I feel nauseous. I wonder if Lasse made me pregnant the other night” Ida Hartwig thinks.
“I also feel very skinny, I think j68 did something with the graphics settings.”

At 5.23 Thursday morning Ida’s time for labour has come. Lasse is nearby.

On the 18th of May ’25 a baby boy is born. His name will be Common no 29 – Leif.
He’s got dark skin like his parents, and brown eyes and black hair as an original Mattsson, even though his last name is Hartwig.

The proud father is celebrating by maxing his logic skill.

He gets promoted to Con Artist, but doesn’t look overly happy anyway.

Even less happy Lasse becomes when a “colleague” of his is visiting at midnight, and steals his telescope!

Police officer Disa Liljeroth earns the badge “Employee of the month” for her swift capturing of the infamous burglar Amin.
There we leave Färila for this round. Stand by for next episode in a near future!

Färila after round 6:
Ida Mattsson
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig

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