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Norrbo year 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)

Welcome to Norrbo, the first of the new households introduced here in round 6. At Norrbo (which means just “live north”), Daniel Mattsson lives alone.
Like his Casanova brother Tobias, Daniel is a romance sim. And he has also got the flu, so he will have to take it easy with the courting for now.

The new neighbours remain ungreeted, we cannot risk an epidemia, especially not involving a pregnant woman! Maximilian seems to wear exactly the same outfit as Daniel does.

Daniel eventually gets better and starts his flirting. He’s using different tactics than his brother, but with the same favourable result with the ladies.

---and he’s in bed with Melissa. She sure will be platinum when we see her next time!

The rest of round 6 is very calm. Daniel is still trying to find a job in the sports career, and wishes to be in love with two sims. The next person on his “hot chicks-list” is his step-mother Lena…

Norrbo after round 6:
Daniel Mattsson

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