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Tallåsen year 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)

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Jun. 14th, 2008 | 03:39 pm


Maria Berg, family sim with a life time wish to celebrate golden anniversary, lives single at Tallåsen (Pine Ridge). She doesn’t even have a house yet.
Time to start building a life, literally. With all the area littered with romance sims, it’s not easy to find a suitable husband, I’m afraid.

Well, that was fast!
Orlando Ceder is moving in with Maria, bringing 7.000 simoleons. Pity that she didn’t have any attraction to Malcolm, he’s rich!
I do think that she will be happy with Orlando though, he’s a family sim like her. 

A first kiss, at least for Orlando.

Orlando falls to his knees and proposes to Maria. She accepts naturally.

And they start their married life, even though they are not married yet.

Tallåsen after round 6:
Maria Berg
Orlando Ceder


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Comments {3}


(no subject)

from: olivethegreat
date: Jun. 4th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC)

I hope that Maria and Orlando are happy together.

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(no subject)

from: twoflowery
date: Nov. 9th, 2013 03:45 am (UTC)

Awww, they are a cute couple. I love the first kiss picture. :)

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: Nov. 9th, 2013 08:44 am (UTC)

Oh, the tiny pictures of early rounds in Mattsmyra. It will get better, at least picture-wise!

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