jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Svedja year 25 (Monday)

Stella Mattsson, first generation toddler, moves to Svedja (which means scorched area) to start her own life.
Her weekdays doesn’t fit with the rest of the neighbourhood, so here it’s Monday at year 25. This will be confusing. She doesn’t have a house either, we will start building one.

Stella goes downtown to find someone attractive to start flirting with. The only one she finds is Lasse Hartwig, her sister’s husband. Better not touch him!
Bad luck for Stella, most of the romance males are her brothers, or gay.

Stella’s nephew Leif came with his parents downtown and got abandoned between the trash can and the phone booth. What does the social worker have to say about that? And how will they all get home?
Svedja after round 6:
Stella Mattsson

Tags: svedja

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