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Mattsgården - Let the story begin

Mattsgården, Monday-Friday

Six months after his mother Carina’s death, Tobias Mattsson of Mattsgården feels that the time has come to do something about life. He’s discussing the matter with his father Dan and his twin sister Ida. ”We’ve got 15 simoleans left and this house is hardly half finished. The young ones deserve better than this. We have to make an effort together! Me and Ida could take part time jobs after school, but you’ll have to help out too!”

”You’re right, the days of self pity are over”, Dan replies. ”Your mother would never have let matters dwindle this far had she lived. But I do need to get a night job, I cannot leave Stella and Loke in someone elses custody. But I AM going to get a job, to bring some cash into the house again.” ”Did you hear that, Daniel?!” Ida exclaims, ”Maybe we can get a TV-set!” ”Yey! High five!”

Still, the dream of the TV-set is far far away. Virtually everything in the house is missing. Carpets ans wallpaper for example. And lamps and chairs. Dan borrowed a book from a friend at work, he started a career as a guard, the only night job available.

Ida started a military career as  a paintball coordinator and Tobias as an office clerk. Problem is they have a hard time keeping up with the studies in parallel, why the risk is that this will be a short-lived arrangement.

Poor or not, Loke has his first birthday and needs celebrating of course. Tobias holds his little brother to let him watch the pretty candles.

Believe it or not, but this is a different kid, Loke’s twin sister Stella. Of she gets a cake of her own!

Now when the youngest children are going to school too, Dan could have a day job. But to be promoted from guard he needs some body points, and there is no room in the budget for a gym card, and no such benefits at his company. He could apply for another job and start his desired political career, but he doesn’t have the energy for that, all effort goes to keeping the family somewhat on their feet.

On Friday both Ida and Tobias get fired from their respective jobs, due to their poor grades. Ouch, -2p for jungfrun68. 
Well, the Mattsson family might be poor moneywise, but their social life is rich. On Friday night the yard is full of potential friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, the front wall is still unpainted, and home work and bills are piling up on the lawn.

Inhabitants at Mattsgården after round 1:
Dan Mattsson
Ida Mattsson
Tobias Mattsson
Daniel Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Stella Mattsson

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