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Mattsgården year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)

Thea Mattsson is the mechanical genius of Mattsgården, and is fixing the stereo before school on Friday.

Loke is still working on his relationship with Barbara. It works perfectly, she is always swooning over him.

Ah, sweet woohoo. Time to get down to business, Loke!

The elder generation is taking it easy nowadays. Dan is 51 years old and Lena is 50.

Loke and Barbara get engaged, but they don’t look particularly engaged. Barbara is leaving and Loke is starving.

On the 4th of September ‘27, Loke and Barbara get married on the lawn outside the Mattsson residence. The finance situation of the Mattsson’s is still not good, so there are simply no money for a big wedding.
Barbara moves in with 13.000 simoleons. Well, had she moved in before the wedding we could have had a party… 1p for j68.

Barbara is working as a Criminal Mastermind and has a really cool outfit. Her lifetime wish is to become a mad scientist though, so she’s looking for a new job.

Lena gets promoted to All Star. No one seems to be happy for promotions in Mattsmyra.

Loke got obsessed with working out as soon as the workout machine arrived. He has been working out since he got up this morning, and now it’s 4 pm. He increased his body points from 1 to 6 in one day.

And now he’s really fit!

Dan got pomoted to intern. Again. He’s mostly happy for the money.

In the dead of night Loke arrives home, promoted to Cadet. And there we’re leaving Mattsgården for round 7. See you next time!

Mattsgården after round 7:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara (Lennestål) Mattsson
Thea Mattsson 

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