jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Myren year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)


Round 7 starts with a kitchen fire. Marita is still asleep. Or maybe again. This time she really want to make it through the pregnancy. Both her and Evert wants this baby so badly.

Saturday morning it’s time. The baby is coming!

On October 2nd ’27, a blond brown eyed baby boy is born. He gets Common name no 43 – Rolf. Congratulations to the first-born! 1p for j68

Marita is exhausted and starving after the long pregnancy and difficult labour, and falls asleep in her food. It’s not good, I’m afraid she will die.

Luckily Marita didn’t die, but she had to face her fear of changing diapers when Evert was sleeping. I thought only romance sims developed that fear.

Evert continues working in his shop, and doesn’t even have time to paint anymore. He earns a silver badge in stocking.

Rolf is growing up to toddler. It’s that terrible haircut again. It looks especially dreadful on blond kids.
Rolf is a playful Taurus, and there the round ends. See you later!

Myren after round 7:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr

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