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Lottefors year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)

Simon Montell greets his mother Inger when she arrives home from work. He has been answering the phone all afternoon, since his parent’s friends start to miss them.

Jesper is playing with Barbro, who is just potty trained. Jesper would like another child, but him and Inger rarely get a chance to try for baby, it’s hard work with only two kids in the house.

Inger is promoted to Con artist and is congratulated by Simon.

Time has come for Barbro to grow up. She does so very well, but she’s up for a new hairdo.

And with this picture proving that Inger is expecting again, we leave Lottefors for this round. 
Welcome back next year!

Lottefors after round 7:
Inger Montell
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Barbro Montell

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