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Stella Mattsson - Deceased

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May. 12th, 2008 | 10:18 am

Stella was created as a first generation toddler, daughter to Dan Mattsson and his late wife Carina. She's got black hair and brown eyes, combined with dark skin.
She's got a Romance aspiration and her LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef. Turn-ons are hats and make-up, turn-off is glasses.

Siblings: Tobias Mattsson, Ida (Mattsson) Hartwig, Daniel Mattsson, Loke Mattsson, Thea Mattsson (half-sister)
Spouse: Jack Kjellen

Preferred Hobby: Science

Widow at age 54
Died on March 18th '69, age 69

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 1
Charisma 1
Body 0
Logic 9
Creativity 10
Cleaning 6

Her star sign is Virgo and her personality points are these:

Neat: 9
Outgoing: 2
Active: 6
Playful: 3
Nice: 5

Stella on her first birtday           Stella as a child in pyjamas            Stella as a teen, still in pyjamas

Stella is a happy adult                       Stella elder

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