jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Norrbo year 26-28, Friday - Sunday


Daniel Mattsson, finally found a job as a team mascot in the sports career. The job is really tiresome, and he faints between the trash can and the mail box, dreaming of his friend Maximilian.

All alert again, Daniel invites Melissa over to make out a bit.

“You know, when Georg was little, he was potty trained already when he was one year old”
Suitable conversation in bed with your llama dressed lover, Melissa…

Daniel is not much more faithful than his brother Tobias. He’s now working on Jill Bennett.

Another promotion goes by without cheering, Daniel becomes Minor Leaguer. And that's the end of round 7 at Norrbo.

Norrbo after round 7:
Daniel Mattsson
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