jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Myren year 29-32, Monday to Thursday

Evert Myhr is in a really bad mood these days. It took him almost all day to open the store, but as soon as he did he earned a gold badge in sales!

The store is really wearing Evert out. And the lady with the mohicane hairstyle is a review journalist.

Starting a kitchen fire during business hours is not good for the grade of your company. The newly earned grade 4 was lost in the smoke, and Evert is now back on level 3.

Rolf is growing up well to school boy. His nose is too big compared to is face.

Rolf is a good boy, and is doing his homework without complaining. Evert is helping him out.

And round 8 is ended with Marita’s promotion to bookie.

Myren after round 8:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr

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