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Korskrogen year 29-32, Monday to Thursday

Daniel Johansson all of a sudden remembered that he has a girlfriend, and invites Sofie over. He has apparently missed her.

They sure catch up on lost time. It’s Daniel’s first woohoo, he has been busy with his career, and haven’t had time for Sofie.

Daniel asks Sofie to marry him, and she accepts. Time for a wedding!

The pregnant sisters Livia and Inger are playing red hands. The possible father of Livia’s baby is on the left, looking totally freaked out.

Both the young ones say “I do” and Sofie, born Melinder, is now Mrs Johansson. She moves in with 18.000 simoleons.

The wedding party is a total rooflifter, and Daniel and Sofie are leaving for their honeymoon

As soon as the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon, Livia’s labour is starting.

On the 13th of August ’30, a black baby boy is born. Thereby we can determine that the father is Ricky.

The boy gets popular name no 24 – Max, nearly the same name as his uncle, but what to do, they will hardly get confused anyway.

Sofie gets a promotion to Executive Assistant.

Daniel gets promoted to resident, and will start working on the night shift.

And Livia is spending another woohoo session in the Jacuzzi. This time it’s Christopher Thelin.

This eventful round ends with Max growing up to toddler. He looks very much like his father.

Well, apparently the round wasn’t completely over. Always fighting going on during parties. This time it’s Ida Mattsson who starts the fight with Livia.

Why are they enemies all of a sudden? I haven’t got the slightest idea.

Korkrogen after round 8:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie (Melinder) Johansson
Livia Johansson
Max Johansson

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