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Roteberg year 29-32, Monday to Thursday

Magnus Berg grows up well to be an elder. He’s not overly happy about it, but it’s OK anyway.

When Kim is at work and the girls are in school, Magnus seizes the opportunity to invite his three bolt attraction Melissa.

“Oh, Magnus, you are so incredibly hot!” But before anything happens, Susanne is back from school, and the window of opportunity closes again.

Ingeborg comes home from school with the highest grades. Good girl!

Look who’s pregnant again! Kim seems to be extremely fertile. Or extremely active in the woohoo department…
Berit The Ghost is stalking her. Wonder if she’ll make a move to scare the pregnant woman to death or miscarriage.

Here we go again. That was a close call, too early cramps. More rest and better nutrition are the doctor’s orders.

Ghosts are not included in the doctor’s prescription though. This time it was Hugo the Ghost

Kim dies!

Magnus begs for his wife’s life. “Please, please don’t take my three bolt woman away from me!”

“Pick a hand!” Magnus is gamling with the Grim Reaper, while Ingeborg can't believe that Susanne is leaving the scene. "It's our mother for God's sake!"

“Yessss!” Magnus wins Kim back!

Question is - will she and the baby survive until it’s due? At the upper right we see the guilty one hovering.

Hugo is really having a scaring spree at the moment. Susanne almost wets herself.
Time to spend some time mourning him again, maybe. He has been resting in peace for over 20 years, but now it’s time.

Roteberg after round 8:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg
Ingeborg Berg

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