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Anna (Montell) Törnblad - Deceased

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Jun. 29th, 2008 | 08:25 pm

Anna was born as generation 2, daughter of Jesper Montell and Inger Johansson. She's got blond hair and light blue eyes with a very dark skin tone. She changed her aspiration in college from Pleasure to Family/Popularity and her LTW changed from 50 dream dates to 6 grandchildren. Her turn-ons are perfume and vampyrism, turn-off is make-up.

Birthday: February 11th '31
Died: February 18th 106

Siblings: Simon Montell, Barbro (Montell) Sandvall, Martin Montell, Sebastian Montell, Malva (Montell) Markövertag

Height: 59=180cm=1.03

College major: Psychology, 4,9
Preferred Hobby: Arts & Crafts

Badges: Gardening Silver

Spouse: Allan Törnblad
Children: Oscar Törnblad, third generation
Wilhelm Törnblad, third generation
Siri Törnblad, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 7
Mechanical 9
Charisma 4
Body 6
Logic 10
Creativity 6
Cleaning 7

Her sign is Pisces and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 4
Outgoing: 4
Active: 4
Playful: 4
Nice: 9

Sweet elder

Return of the clones                    Anna toddler                                    Anna school girl

Anna sporty teen                           Anna adult

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