jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Norrbo year 29-32, Monday to Thursday


Daniel keeps his platinum mood with the help of Melissa. He would like to have three lovers, but has managed only one so far.

On his day off, Daniel gets his second lover – Jill. He has zero bolts with her, but what to do?
It would be totally inappropriate if he made advances to his second most attractive, since that is his stepmother Lena. 

Daniel gets promoted to rookie. This is cause for celebration, let’s go downtown!

Daniel asks Jill on a date to a club downtown, but he’s really here to find someone attractive. Poor Jill!

The date with Jill is soon over, and not particularly interesting, but at the end of the evening a gorgeous woman catches Daniel’s eye.
He starts talking to her and finds out her name is Alicia Cegerblad. The first meeting doesn’t turn out too good, but there is absolutely potential here! Two bolts potential. 

Norrbo after round 8:
Daniel Mattsson

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