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Mattsgården year 33-35, Friday to Sunday

Loke Mattsson is teaching his daughter Emilia to talk. “Say Don’t drink spoiled milk” 
“Good girl!”

Barbara reads the newspaper: “It says here that they are opening an outdoor restaurant at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka tomorrow. Maybe we should all go there and try it out”

“I heard they are making their own mustard out of mustard seeds at that new restaurant” Lena says. “It will be fun to try it out”.
“I wouldn’t know, but I think none of us have the time to go tomorrow, we’re working.” Dan answers

Thea is playing the piano. It doesn’t sound very good so far. But, we all need to crawl before we can walk.

“So this is the new outdoor restaurant” Barbara thinks. “I kind of like how the big trees are forming walls. Let’s try the food!”

“Well, the environment is truly fantastic, and the Glace au Four is fabulous! I could go here again!”

Barbara invited her husband to a date, and all went well. All of a sudden the date turned really bad, with no obvious explanation. Loke said he would never do it again, and Barbara broke down and fell out of love with him (!). 
Then, Loke started to check out the hostess of the restaurant. Meanwhile, thank goodness, Thea called a cab, so they are now going straight back home to mend their relationship.

With everyone safely back home, Thea invites her boyfriend since many years, Georg Lind, to sing karaoke with her. They are really cute together, despite the fact that they only have one bolt.

Lena gets promoted to Superstar

Thea gets promoted to Executive assistant

And then she reads in the newspaper that there is a discussion between SimSwedens Government and the City Council of Mattsmyra, that a university might be opened in Mattsmyra.
“Why didn’t they think about that earlier?! I would have loved to go, but most probably I will be too old when that eventually comes to pass!”

Emilia grows up very well to be a child, with the cutest flowered shirt and necklace.

Conveniently enough, Barbara gets promoted to Field researcher and starts to work daytime again, just when Emilia is starting school.

Loke is also starting to work daytime, as he gets promoted to Desk Sergeant.

Mattsgården after round 9:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Thea Mattsson
Emilia Mattsson

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