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Myren year 33-35, Friday to Sunday

Marita Myhr works one day as a bookie, and then gets promoted to Con Artist. Congratulations!

To celebrate the quick promotions, the small family is taking an outing to Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka, the new place to hang out in Mattsmyra.
Marita is barbecuing some hot dogs, while Evert and Rolf plays with the swings. Rolf also met a new playmate, Holger Cumlin, who he pushes on the swing.

Rolf is a good boy and is washing the dishes for the restaurant, in his pyjamas.

Evert and Marita have a wonderful date going. They are still passionate about each other, after all these years.

Evert’s home design shop reaches Level 5. It has taken a very long time since the small beginnings, but now it’s a bit better. The expansion is slow though, it takes too much time to paint, and Evert doesn’t have time for a job outside his home business.
Myren after round 9:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr

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