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Daniel Mattsson - Deceased

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May. 12th, 2008 | 10:27 am

Daniel was created as a first generation child, son to Dan Mattsson and his late wife Carina. He's got black hair and brown eyes with a light skin tone. He's got the Romance aspiration and his LTW is to become Hall of Famer. Acheived. He turns on on hats and stench, but turns off on underwear.

Birthday: 24th of February '95
Died: 18th of June '73, age 78.

Siblings: Tobias Mattsson, Ida (Mattsson) Hartwig, Loke Mattsson, Stella Mattsson, Thea (Mattsson) Bardh (half-sister)
Spouse: Alicia Cegerblad
Children: Sofia Mattsson, second generation

Talent points:
Cooking 4
Mechanical 9
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 5
Creativity 0
Cleaning 4

His sign is Taurus and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 5
Active: 3
Playful: 8
Nice: 4

Daniel in his pyjamas                       Daniel is making breakfast                      Daniel grows up well

Daniel elder

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