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Letsbo year 33-35, Friday to Sunday

Melissa Lind is in a hurry to get to work, but wants to have breakfast first. Problem is she’s in a bit too much hurry, at sets the stove on fire.
“No time to wait for the fire brigade, I’m off!”

Melissa asks Jack Kjellen on a date. Before she even talked to him, and even less touched him, Tobias Mattsson came running, accusing her of being unfaithful. This will not be pretty!

Melissa and Jack are continuing their date, despite the fact that they got caught. And Tobias is stalking them, squeeing over Melissa one moment and crying his eyes out the other.

It seems Kim has a problem with Melissa and Jack’s date too. Did she have an affair with him as well?

And they end up in bed after their dream date.

Melissa’s son Georg finds himself a job as School crossing guard. His goal in life is to become Captain Hero.
"I wish that University would open, so that Thea and I could go there together, leaving this madhouse behind"

Melissa gets invited to an outing, with a friend of Jack’s, named Cecil. They are going to a poker place.

Melissa is really enjoying herself, and doesn’t even think much about flirting.

Melissa does not get along very well with her future daughter-in-law. They had an OK relationship until Thea discovered that Melissa had an affair with Thea’s sister Stella’s sambo, Jack. 

Or maybe she’s angry for her brother Tobias’ sake. He has been double crossed too.

She doesn’t give up easily, despite the fact that she got her ass kicked in the first fight. Melissa is a very strong woman, it’s a bad idea to fight with her.

Melissa is talking to Tobias again, and tries to apologize. 
“Yes, I did make out with him, but it doesn’t mean anything between you and me.” 
The apology of a romance sim…

Letsbo after round 9:
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind

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