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Färila year 33-35, Friday - Sunday

Lasse Hartwig gets promoted to Getaway Driver, and awaits his daily hug from Leif, who is coming from the school bus.

“Dad! Dad! Look! I’ve got a 5+ average report card!” Leif shouts when he’s coming in the door. “OK, Ricky, I need to get off the phone now” Ida says. “They’re all home now… Yes, I feel fine, I hope I will be able to deliver this baby, it has been a couple of years since Leif got born… Ok, bye now.”

“MOM! It says here that they have opened that IKEA store down at the field, can we go?!” Leif shouts, reading the newspaper.
“Not now anyway, it’s bedtime. Maybe on Sunday. Please keep your voice down, Daddy’s asleep, he’s going to work soon.”

As soon as Lasse leaves for work on Friday evening, the labour starts. 

On the 28th of September ’33, at 9.58 PM, a Mattsson-looking girl is born, despite the prevention of Firstborn Syndrome. Her name is Common no 67 – Charlotte, but will probably be called Lotta for short.

Ida maxes her mechanical skill, without getting an icon for it. Comes in handy, since the trash compactor is broken again.

Lasse plays with Lotta, all night when his wife and son are sleeping. He’s so happy about his family.

“Mom, I’m really big now, right, since little Lotta came?” 
“Yes, dear” 
“Can we go to IKEA today?”
 “You and Daddy can go, I’m going to work. See you tonight, big boy!”

Lasse and Leif goes to IKEA. “Well, so far I’m not impressed.” Lasse says. 
“Is this all?!” Leif answers. 

“Well… This was something else!” Lasse says. “Where to start?!”

It becomes just too much for Lasse, so they go to the in-house restaurant and have lunch before they go home again. 
“I think it takes a while to take in all this” Lasse says to the redhaired waitress.

Lasse bought some stuff from IKEA after all. A small dinner table with wild colours, and some typical IKEA chairs.

It’s Lotta’s birthday, and her uncles Daniel and Tobias are showing their most mature behaviour.

And Lotta becomes a toddler. She’s a doll, and it turns out she’s a Virgo with 10 neat, 10 nice and 10 active! I’ve never seen anything like it! It will be exciting to see her grow up.

Färila after round 9:
Ida Mattsson
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Charlotte Hartwig

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