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Hamre year 33-35, Friday to Sunday

Tobias Mattsson takes a break in his mechanical studies, to greet his new neighbour Carla Norlin. He finds her most attractive, as he does nearly all women.

And they spend all night in the Jacuzzi, building their relationship.

When Carla leaves, Tobias is using his evil face and works out for a few hours. He’s waiting for dawn, when he’s going shopping for clothes, that he suddenly rolled a want for.

And at daybreak he is maxing his bodyskill, just in time for the carpool. Shopping has to wait until tonight, maybe a promotion will happen first…?

No promotion. And in his inverted-colours sweat suit, he’s inviting Carla to go shopping with him.

First things first. Groceries!

Since the Mattsmyra micro-mall seems to have been bugged up, and no actions could be finished, Tobias didn’t get any groceries, or clothes, so he’s leaving for another place, which ended up being home, despite the fact that he ordered the car elsewhere.

He invited Carla to a date out, but ended up jumping around along with everyone else. The car took him home instead of to some other place. 
Now he’s standing helplessly on his porch, unable to greet Carla and her friends that he invited over. 

So, while Tobias is dreaming about the ever adorable Kim Berg, we are asking ourselves: 

Are the new townies bugging, or just Carla? Is the lot of Micromall bugging? Or, horrible thought – is Tobias bugging? In that case, his Don Juan-days are over. Or – even worse – is all Mattsmyra starting to bug on me??
Part of the answer will be found in the next update on Mattsmyra Prosperity Challenge.

Hamre after round 9:
Tobias Mattsson

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