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Norrbo year 33-35, Friday to Sunday

The jump bug was affecting Daniel Mattsson as long as Ralf the townie was sitting at his poker table. 

Ralf deleted, Daniel read the newspaper: “Inauguration of Mattsmyra University will take place in year 36. Wonder if Thea applied yet?”

Daniel thinks of all the money he looses by not being able to use his poker table. It seems affected by the jump bug too, and gets deleted.

While awaiting the car pool, he works on his relationship with the beautiful Alicia, who he met at the end of the last round.

At 11.40 Daniel arrives home, jumping through the air, without the pool car, with no promotion and no salary. This seems to be a bug, indeed.
“I want to go steady” Daniel thinks, completely unaware of the problem.

It sure is a problem! “Daniel didn’t go to work today…” What?! He did go! 
Let’s try “save, delete sim, go back to neighbourhood, start over”

*jump* *jump* *jump*
No greetings with Alicia or the Olof Palme guy. They are both old townies, so they should not be causing the problem. 
Might be the Inteenimator, combined with the IKEA pack, or something. Let’s try a complete re-start of the game…

It didn’t work either… This will not be a fun round, and Daniel agrees completely. Or he’s just upset that he got robbed a few rounds back.

“Alicia, your voice is like music to my ears. I’m so sorry that we cannot meet in real life. Hopefully this condition will not prevail for too long”

“I feel all alert at 3 AM. I’ve got nothing better to do while awaiting daybreak and the final test of this hood’s fate, than playing in the bathtub”

Daniel is leaving for work on Saturday morning…

…and is returning at the normal time, with his salary in his pocket. Test no 1 finished without complaints.

He invites Alicia over…

… and succeeds in greeting her. Test no 2 finished without complaints.

Daniel gets promoted to starter and gets another 2 body points for returning some gear to someone.

Daniel invites Alicia to a date at the Micro-mall. Final Test begins…

Talking to Alicia works.

Shopping for groceries works

Talking to random townies works

The date between Daniel and Alicia is going great. Now they are leaving for a cosy restaurant.

They are arriving to the restaurant OK.

And the date is turning to a dream date!

Daniel is arriving home after his Dream Date with Alicia, with a bulge in his pants, and the knowledge that The Age of the Miscarriages is officially over. No Inteenimator will be installed again, as long as IKEA is still in the hood. 

And it will continue to be, since that is the most Swedish thing of all.

Norrbo after a shaky round 9:
Daniel Mattsson

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