jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Compensation for risky woohoo

Since I decided that Inteenimator is not compatible with the IKEA-pack, at least when you're playing only EP1-3, I deleted it and also had to reinstall my game. It took all afternoon.

Now I miss the risky woohoo, the part of ITM I was really after, so I have come up with a plan. The scheme is planned as follows:

For every occasion of woohoo I will roll 1 die for each partner. If the dice are in the "try for baby" range (below), I will make them try for baby.

Try for baby-range:

Romance    1
Pleasure     1-2
Knowledge 1-3
Fortune        1-4
Popularity    1-5
Family          1-6 (always)

One die is representing each party in the couple. So for example, if Maria (family) and Orlando (family) want woohoo, they will have to try for baby each time.

On the other hand, if Kim (romance) and Magnus (romance) want woohoo, there need to be a 1 on each die for try-baby to take effect.

Combinations will be calculated separately. So if the pleasure/popularity couple gets a 6 and a 4, there will be no try.

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