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Mattsgården year 36-39, Monday to Thursday


Dan Mattsson and his wife Lena are still attracted to each other after all these years. It’s always nice to see such devotion.

At last the Mattsmyra University opened. Thea is thrilled “Yes Sir, thank you, Sir, I’m very glad I will receive the Young Entrepreneur’s scholarship of 750§”

“Yes! I’m on my way!” 
“I’m so proud of you honey, the first academic in the Mattsson family!” Dan says. 
It’s actually quite appropriate that Thea is the first one to go to University, she was the first child born in Mattsmyra. She is now 21 years old, really old enough. Her boyfriend Georg Lind is actually older than her, but since Letsbo is later in queue, he got born later. (Logical, eh?)

Bye, Thea!

Mattsgården is full of love. Loke and Barbara cannot keep their hands off of each other.

Emilia, who will become a big sister soon, according to the new try-for-baby rules, is practicing the piano. She’s actually pretty good. Note the notes (!), practically invisible.

After Emilia’s first day of school, both Loke and Barbara gets promoted. Loke to Vice Squad and Barbara to Science Teacher. Loke also caught a cold.

“You know we are going to have a baby, right?”
“Yes, Dad, I know that. When is it coming?”
“I’m not sure, but should be in the year 39 anyway”

Barbara is good with playing the piano. So good that Loke is dancing, despite his cold. Unfortunately Barbara gets the cold too.

A couple of days later, all are well again. Emilia comes home from school with 5+. “Great job, honey!” Barbara says. She’s very pregnant, the baby is due in June.

In the evening, Emilia meets her cousin Leif Hartwig and her aunt Ida for the first time.

Labour starts on Thursday morning around 7 AM.

On the 8th of July ´39, 7.39 AM, a baby girl is born, with the classical Mattsson colours. She gets Common name no 4 – Elisabeth.

All the family crams into the small bathroom where Elisabeth was born. Emilia gets the chance to see her new sister before she goes to school.

Dan gets promoted to City Council Member as the round closes the first household of The Age of University.

Mattsgården after round 10:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Emilia Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson

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