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Myren year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Welcome back for the 10th round at Myren, with the skilling family Myhr. Evert is soon fully experienced in creativity, and his wife and son are not far behind.

Marita gets promoted to getaway driver, and brings a friend home from work.

And Rolf comes home with a friend and a report card with 5+ average.

Evert maxes his creativity with the paintings for the shop.

“OMG! Evert! I’m pregnant!” Marita shouts on Wednesday morning “I’m 43 years old for God’s sake! Rolf will soon be a teen!”
“I’m in the bathroom, do you mind?!” Evert answers.
ETA October ‘40

Rolf becomes a teen with pleasure aspiration. Maybe it’s a rebellion against his parents Knowledge and Fortune. 
His turn-ons are underwear and glasses, turn-off is make-up. He immediately wants to go to Uni, but that has to wait until he’s at least 18!

Myren after round 10:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr

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