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Korskrogen year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Max Johansson, Livia’s illegitimate son, is coming home from his first day of school, looking very happy. He liked school, and brought a friend home, too.

The next day, he’s coming home with a friend again, to an empty house. His mother forgor to order a babysitter for him, and her, Max's uncle and aunt are all at work at 3 PM. 
Luckily, Max is a big boy, used to solve his own problems, so he calls the nanny himself. Because cooking he doesn’t know, and he wants dinner!

There are definitely advantages with the adults not being at home…

The infamous mother comes home without a job, because she tried to make her own mascot career. Damn chance cards.

Uncle Daniel greets his wife Sofie, but his mind is elsewhere. He wish he was back in the tub with whatever-her-name-is. Or that he could get more skills to be promoted.

Livia has another flirt going, with Edward Djärv. She’s hopeless.

And Max’s grades are going down. School is not so fun anymore.

Sofie gets promoted to Field Sales Representative and gains 3000 p.

Max’s grades are even worse, he didn’t have time to catch up on his homework. His mother is working on her new lover in the hottub.

“I’m from the Social Services of Mattsmyra. I’m here to pick up little Max.” says the Social Lady.
“Please, maybe me and my husband could take care of him, his mother is going through a rough time at the moment” says Sofie
“We’ll see about that. I’m bringing him with me for now. You can apply for custody later, and you might get him if we find you suitable for bringing up the child.”

And off he goes, on the 21st of April ’39. -1p :(

Livia does actually react slightly to her loosing her son.

She even cries a bit.

Standing in his empty room that evening, she cries a little bit more. She seems to have a heart after all.

Sofie starts the fight for custody of her husband’s nephew right away, she knows how it feels to loose a child...

Korskrogen after round 10:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson

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