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Roteberg year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Susanne is preparing for college. She’s planning to max her creativity before applying for scholarships, and also, hopefully get a 5+ average report card when coming to school on Monday. 
College will be good for her, popularity sim as she is.

This family is just too much! Setting the stove on fire all the time. Off to work and let the fire brigade take care of this mess!
Susanne is also catching the flu from Magnus, who's sick, so there will not be any Uni for her until she’s well again, we cannot afford a flu epidemic at Uni!

Susanne maxes her creativity, but she’s still not well. And she doesn’t have the 5+ report card yet either. Another day in public school is needed.

Yes! The first lifetime want fulfilled! Magnus becomes a Professional Party Guest!

And Kim too! On the same day!

Kim becomes an elder in the bathroom. She has spent most of her life in the bathroom, it wouldn’t surprise me if she will die in the bathroom, too.

At last Susanne is well again. She receives scholarships for Art, Genius and for good grades. Good enough! Off we go to join the others at SimLand University.

Roteberg after round 10:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Ingeborg Berg

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