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SimLand University, year 36-39

Thea Mattsson gets dropped off at her dorm by her father Dan. This is all so new to us, so I’m as excited as Thea!

The first thing she does is to claim her own room, on the second floor, at the end of the corridor, with her own computer. Early bird and all that. Now she wants to go to a lecture, do some research with someone and write a final paper. She also wishes that Georg would come to study at the university. That wish will soon be granted. Sooner than she expects. He's here already!

The two young lovers are just friends nowadays, we’ll see what happens later on.

Thea selects Economy as her major. She’s aiming for the business tycoon job.

“Georg! I’m so happy that you’re here!” Thea screams and jumps autonomously into Georg’s arms. And they’re very much in love again. Seems they are meant for each other.

“Thea, help me to choose major here!”
“Well, since you want to become Captain Hero, choose something you can use in that career.”
“OK, psychology then.”

Georg goes to class and then to the gym, to get some body points.

Thea goes to class in her underwear, hope that doesn’t affect her grades.
Georg finished his half-year paper, and is content with himself.
Thea finished her paper too. Their grades are rising, but are not top level yet.

Georg applied for membership in the Urele-whatever-nation, and has 6 hours to exams. Let’s see what happens next. If anything.

The nation guys arrive in their togas. Georg is supposed to build relations to all of them during a time limit.

It’s not that easy to build relations with people running around the dorm. And exams are only two hours away. Georg should really have slept instead of trying this.

Georg finished his exams with highest grades possible, despite being so tired. He’s on the top students list and got a grant of 1.200 §.
Thea is also a top student and gets a grant of 1.200 §, even though she made the exams in her underwear. Get dressed, woman!

Thea meets Christopher at the gym. He’s really hot (two bolts), but he’s obnoxious too, so Thea gets a bit annoyed.
Thea is a top student after her first year and gets 1.200 §, again going to exams in her underwear.

Thea helps her fellow students with their assignments, for money, in her underwear.

Georg passed as a top student again and got 1.200 §.
And he meets Zoe, a two bolt attraction, but he still wants to be engaged to Thea

The night of the exams for year 2, Thea throws a sports party. I have no idea what the difference is from an ordinary party, but never mind. Georg still has the wish that Britta and Konrad, townie friends of his, should study at the university.

And in the middle of the party the both red-heads arrive to the Dorm. Konrad Platz is a Scorpio Knowledge Sim, and Britta Persson is an Aquarius Fortune.

Both Georg and Thea finished their second year of Uni with 5.0 average, and didn’t change their aspirations. Georg started his third year with finishing the semester paper. More time for fun now!

Thea is really bored with school after two years, and takes all of the inmates to the Campus pub. She really needs to be in better mood to be able to reach 5.0 this year.

Georg found a two bolt attraction in Allegra Gast. Maybe him and his childhood sweetheart Thea are not meant for each other after all.

Thea also have found her two bolt attraction in Christopher Bardh, who she met in the gym on Semester 2 of College.

The unavoidable is happening just before the final exams of Georg and Thea’s third year in college. Thea catches Georg hugging Allegra, just after she made out with Christopher and became best friends with him. Georg missed that though!

Susanne Berg is arriving to the dorm in the middle of the night, to start her education. She wants to be a Celebrity Chef, and will select a department that fits with that. She also wants Tessa Ramirez to come study with her.

And Tessa’s arrival will represent the move to a bigger dorm for the Mattsmyra youngsters. They move to a dorm with 14 rooms instead of the smaller 8-roomer where they have been so far.

Tessa got stuck in lecture for 26 hours and came home with all needs in critical red. She will probably be the first student with an academic probation time.

Thea and Christopher are really in love now. Georg has still not been informed, and has all sorts of romantic wants involving Thea.

Georg and Allegra falls very much in love with each other too. Only a few hours away are the finals for the first semester of the fourth year for Georg and Thea. Only one semester left!

Tessa missed the final exams and didn’t pass her first semester in College. The other’s averages are: Georg 5,0, Thea 5,0, Susanne 4,9, Britta 5,0, Konrad 4,6.

Thea graduates in Economy with Summa Cum Laude, and throws her graduation party.

Blowing bubbles is great fun! Thea fantasizes about her future job, while her father Dan is really hitting the ceiling.


Thea graduates and becomes an adult.

Georg is throwing his party. He graduated in Psychology with Summa Cum Laude, too. The first students sure did what they had to!

Georg celebrates with asking Allegra to marry him, and she does say yes!

Georg’s party was dull, but he grows up good, and heads back home to Letsbo.

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