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Lottefors year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Simon Montell asked some random people in, but nobody likes one another. On the left we could have sworn it was teen Thea Mattsson visiting, but she’s all grown up now, with her own house.

At Martin’s birthday party Simon succeeds in getting his kiss from Christel Garpheden. His career as Don juan has begun. He still can’t wait until he’s going to college. Unfortunately he catches the flu from her too.

Martin becomes a toddler, but his birthday party stinks, reason unknown. He’s a Virgo with 10 neat (of course), and his red hair is pretty obvious now.

Inger gets promoted to Getaway Driver and Anna didn’t get better grades. She needs to learn how to study, so that doing the homework is faster for her.

Inger has had an easy pregnancy this, probably, last time. She had morning sickness once, and just popped into the third trimester without passing the second. She has been working up to now. ETA November ’39.

Anna gets her desired 5+ report card, but her pregnant mother and flu sick father are too exhausted to share her joy.

Barbro gets her first kiss from two-bolt love David Sandvall.

Martin is collecting the skills needed to become a big boy, and is happy about it..

Inger goes into labour for the fifth time in her life at 11.24 Thursday. 
It’s twins! On the 9th of December ’39 a boy and a girl are born.

Meet Common name no 67 – Sebastian Montell

And Popular name no 95 – Malva Montell!

Conveniently enough Martin is outgrowing his crib the same night, making room for his small brother and sister. He’s growing up averagely well.

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